The Collaborative

Carroll College

Campus Master Plan


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Planning


Waukesha, Wisconsin
Carroll College


Carroll University, located in the historic district of the City of Waukesha on 130-acres, engaged with The Collaborative to complete a Campus Master Plan on the heels of their new Strategic Plan. The primary goal of the Master Plan is to establish general guidelines for the campus’ physical development including:

• Development and presentation of planning criteria to guide change in facility needs and campus improvements. Taking into consideration CU’s mission and educational goals; existing area; surrounding neighborhoods; and impact and opportunity for growth

• Identification of location for proposed new facilities; and proposed renovations and/or additions to existing facilities

• Development and conceptual solutions; alternative locations; sequence of projects; and estimated time frames and costs to deliver proposed new facilities and renovations

• Evaluation of existing land / space use for alternative possibilities Growth targeted in graduate students

• A new location for the School of Business

• 100% residential occupancy

• Move Physical Plant closer to campus — currently 2 to 3 miles away

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